Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Theatre

image of my latest drawing "The Theatre"


Rob said...

Hey Ben...Your new one "The Theatre" is beautiful. I was watching the videos of you drawing, showing your artwork and the videos to my wife, telling about how you and I used to draw and doodle all the time. It is just amazing to watch the videos and see your technique virtually unchanged from how I remember you scribbling a bunch of one-eyed monsters years and years ago.

Hopefully you'll have a show downtown sometime soon. I know we'd love to check it out.

Take care!

-Bobby Baughman

dannyglix said...


John Grunwell said...

What I don't understand is how you keep yourself from going absolutely and completely mad when you spend month after month on the grunt labor for a piece like this. It's amazing, and your work ethic really boggles my mind!

Classic said...

This one is great. I'm ordering the Novus Natura print from your website, hopefully this weekend. I'm wondering if more of your work is going to be available in print or poster form soon also. Keep it up, I'm always clamoring for more.